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Machine Learning straight in databases through AI-Tables

MindsDB provides a simple way to create, train and test ML models and then publish them as virtual AI-Tables into databases.

  • Integrate seamlessly with most of databases on the market
  • Use SQL queries for all manipulation with ML models
  • Improve model training speed with GPU without affecting your database performance
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Get insights on why the ML model reached its conclusions and what affects prediction confidence

  • Visual tools that allows you to investigate model performance
  • SQL and Python queries that return explainability insights in a code
  • What-if analysis to evaluate confidence based on different inputs
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Automated Machine Learning

Automate the process of applying machine learning with the state-of-the-art Lightwood AutoML library

  • Machine Learning using a single query
  • No Data Science skills required
  • Python native or SQL AI-table implementation
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Custom solutions

Build custom solutions with Machine Learning in your favorite programming language

  • Query & manage ML models with REST API
  • Bring ML to your software with Javascript and Python SDK
  • Embed MindsDB Explainability features in your app
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