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What is MindsDB?

MindsDB is a free, open-source autoML framework to streamline the use of neural networks. Designed to make it super easy for developers to deploy machine learning in their projects.

Why MindsDB?

Develop faster


MindsDB understands that for you to trust its predictions, it’s helpful to understand why and how it’s come to its conclusions so our platform explains why and how it's reached its conclusions.


MindsDB is so easy to use that anyone with a question, regardless of technical ability, can access MindsDB, input the data they want to forecast, and let MindsDB take it from there.


MindsDB gives you the flexibility to control access to your data and provides you with self-service security controls that ensure that your data is accessible to only those who need access to it.

Learn Machine Learning
with MindsDB

Getting started with autoML is simple with MindsDB.

Install the MindsDB
Graphical User Interface

Install the MindsDB GUI to easily make predictions with the data you already have. Choose your operating system below to get started.

Learn Machine Learning with MindsDB

Learn machine learning and how to easily apply it by signing up to our machine learning class.

Join the MindsDB Community

Built for and by developers, MindsDB’s strength lies in the community of developers who both contribute to the framework and also engage with us where they can.

Contribute on Github

Whether you want to download, star, and fork MindsDB’s repositories or log issues and make pull requests, joining us on Github enables you to contribute to MindsDB directly.

Become a Beta Tester

Our beta testers are the first people to test out and provide feedback for upcoming releases. They catch bugs, make feature suggestions, and ask questions that help anticipate.
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Learn on YouTube

Although our YouTube channel hosts video content we have from webinars we’ve held and events we’ve spoken at, it’s main focus is on being a challenge where developers can learn machine learning and discover ways that they can apply MindsDB to enable autoML in their projects.

Join our Community Forum

Our community forum is the place to talk to other members of the MindsDB community, ask questions other developers (including ones that work for MindsDB), share ideas, and provide feedback on any and all things MindsDB.

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