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Cognitive Computing

Cognitive computing aims to stimulate human cognitive processes through a computer. The goal of cognitive computing is to allow computers to use their complex processing powers to solve issues and conduct tasks much faster than a human can. Cognitive computing systems are able to take data from various sources, consider the information presented in that data, and provide answers that require a degree of “thought.” Cognitive computing systems are able to do this because they are equipped with self-learning technologies that empower them to do this. It is particularly useful when it comes to pattern recognition. Although cognitive computing is often used synonymously with the phrase artificial intelligence., there are differences between the two. The key difference is that AI tends to learn by being fed data over a period of time while cognitive computing is able to learn from data that it receives in real-time. Cognitive computer tends to also be used to help humans make better decisions while AI thrives in helping identify patterns and answer questions where data exists to provide those answers.

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