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Autonomic Computing

Autonomic Computer refers to a computer’s ability automatically manage itself. Autonomic computing systems don’t require any input from the user to control how computer applications and systems function. This kind of computing is mostly focused on distributed computing resources (computing systems that are distributed across different networks yet communicate by sending and receiving messages to and from one another ). Designed as a means of replicating how the human body’s nervous system self-heals, autonomic computing is able to configure, heal, and protect itself by responding to all kinds of inputs and conditions, even the most unpredictable ones. This ability to take care of itself makes autonomic computing critical in today’s age of application development and management. Organizations can trust that these computing systems are not only monitoring and accessing behavioral deviations in an application, but are also able to react accordingly to protect a system by sending alerts, going into recovery mode, or shutting down the system when it deems it necessary.

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