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Machine Learning Explained

Artificial Neural Network (ANN)

An artificial neural network (ANN) provides the framework for machine learning. Designed to stimulate the structure of the human brain, ANNs help make computers reason like humans. The human brain uses data it receives to learn and make interpretations that computers traditionally weren’t able to. Artificial neural networks allow computers to learn and make decisions similar to the way humans are able to. However, being that these systems are built on computers, ANNs have the ability to process, interpret, and learn from data in scales and ways that humans simply cannot. An artificial neural network uses mathematical algorithms to process the information it receives and then learns from that data. ANNS excel at recognizing patterns that are often too complex for the human brain to decipher. Artificial neural networks are also self-learning and provide better results as it processes additional data. An ANN enables organizations to make better decisions by learning from all the data points it has available and continuing to challenge itself to produce even better results from additional inputs of data.

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