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Machine Learning Democratization in the Enterprise

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Despite its potential to transform businesses, Artificial intelligence (AI) remains an underutilized tool for enterprises. One of the main reasons is a lack of understanding on how to use machine learning in organizations. Furthermore companies that do understand how machine learning can benefit them often don’t have access to the necessary tools needed to fully utilize it. Enter MindsDB.

In this white paper, you’ll learn how MindsDB can help organizations use machine learning and artificial intelligence to obtain predictive insights to make better business decisions.

This white paper covers:
-How democratizing machine learning enables companies to get insights from their data faster
-MindsDB’s machine learning use cases and how they can help companies increase competitive advantage and drive innovation
-An overview of MindsDB and what’s new in version 1.0

Why MindsDB?

Predictive Insights for Better Results


MindsDB trains, tests and then selects the most accurate state of the art AI models to apply to your data, giving you super accurate predictions and forecasting.


MindsDB understands that in order for you to trust its predictions, it’s helpful to understand why and how it’s come to its conclusions therefore our platform explains why and how it's reached its conclusions.


MindsDB gives you the flexibility to control access to your data and provides you with self-service security controls that ensure that your data is accessible to only those who need access to it.

Make Data Work

Do more with your data.

Get answers to the questions that matter

Ask and answer any predictive questions you have. As long as you have the data, MindsDB empowers you to find the answers within that data to help propel your organization forward.

Turn everyone into a data scientist

MindsDB is so easy to use that anyone with a question, regardless of technical ability, can access MindsDB, input the data they want to forecast, and let MindsDB take it from there.

Connect to all your data sources

MindsDB works with and on top of a number of third party data sources thereby allowing you to gain access to the predictive power of your data using tools already in your stack. From MongoDB to Tableau to Spark, you can continue to use your favorite tools with MindsDB.