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MindsDB helps turn raw data into business intelligence
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Retail & Online

Today's retailers must remain competitive. AI can help by enabling them to use and learn from their customer and product data. Using machine learning, MindsDB helps retailers:

  • Obtain customer intelligence
  • Improve the customer experience
  • Implement customer segmentation
  • Better forecast demand 
  • Prevent churn 

Customer Lifetime Value Optimization

Acquiring and nurturing customers to ensure continuous revenue is a logical step for most businesses. Determining the value each customer will have on the business over their lifetime as a customer is equally important. By using advanced machine learning algorithms, MindsDB helps companies understand who their customers are, what to expect from them, and their value over their lifetime as a customer.

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Product Personalization

Today’s customers expect highly customized experiences from retailers and e-commerce providers. To provide such an experience, companies need to understand customer behavior. Machine learning algorithms allow a company to look at past purchasing behavior to understand and predict individual customer preferences. MindsDB expands upon this capability by taking historical data on sales and traffic to enable companies to put together a complete story of who their customers are. This helps them provide their customers with a personalized experience they’ll respond to.‍

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