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Financial Services

Financial institutions must mitigate risk in order remain competitive. A data strategy that utilizes AI can help solve this challenge. Using machine learning to analyze large volumes of financial and transactional data, MindsDB provides financial institutions with insights that help them increase margins and competitive advantage. Other applications include:

  • Detect and prevent fraud
  • Improve credit scoring 
  • Manage risk 
  • Increase loan recovery 

Credit Scoring

Determining which customers to give credit to is one of the most challenging endeavors financial institutions face. If they extend credit to unreliable customers these institutions risk losing money. With machine learning, these organizations can obtain accurate models that illustrate customer credit risk. Using these models, MindsDB helps financial institutions determine customers’ credit worthiness to reduce risk.

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Loan Recovery

Loans can be expensive. Loan recovery can be even more so. Banks and financial institutions need the assurance to guarantee that the loans that they provide will be paid back in time. Machine learning models allow these institutions to streamline the loan recovery process. MindsDB uses these models to identify at-risk customers, predict loan recovery dates, and organize debt collection efforts.

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