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As creative types, marketers aren’t usually tasked with making sure that their data works for them. AI can be the secret ingredient for marketers who want to see their efforts deliver big for their organizations. AI can make an impact on marketing teams’ customer engagement, loyalty, and retention strategies as well as allow them to optimize on internal marketing spend and advance ROI. MindsDB makes it so that any member of a marketing team—regardless of technical ability—can use the power of AI in their efforts. It enables organizations to leverage the data that they’’re already collecting to predict what customer will do next, improving the customer journey, and to measure success.

Customer Lifetime Value Optimization

Acquiring and nurturing customers to ensure continuous revenue is a logical step for most businesses. Determining the value each customer will have on the business over their lifetime as a customer is equally important. By using advanced machine learning algorithms, MindsDB helps companies understand who their customers are, what to expect from them, and their value over their lifetime as a customer.

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