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MindsDB helps turn raw data into business intelligence using AI
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There's a MindsDB application for any business question you may have. Some of the more frequent applications include:

Credit Scoring

Determining which customers to give credit to is often one of the most challenging endeavors financial institutions face. If they extend credit to customers who are likely to be irresponsible with the credit, these institutions risk losing a ton of money. With machine learning, these organizations can obtain accurate models that illustrate customer credit risk. Using these models, MindsDB helps financial institutions determine customers’ credit worthiness in an effort to reduce risk.

Customer Lifetime Value Optimization

Focusing on obtaining and nurturing customers to ensure continuous revenue is a logical step for most businesses. Determining the value each customer will have on the business over their lifetime as a customer is equally important. By using advanced machine learning algorithms, MindsDB helps you not just understand who your customers are, but also what you can expect from them and the value they will provide to your business over their lifetime as a customer.

Fraud Detection

Fraud techniques keep getting more advanced. Those who make it their business to defraud businesses don’t take any days off so businesses have to prioritize fraud detection to lower risk. Using fraud detection algorithms, MindsDB scores transactions that may seem fraudulent and automatically flag and reject them. Our predictive models help you identify and prevent fraudulent by providing you with real-time and historic insights.

Inventory Management

The guesswork around determining how much of any product or item needs to be produced can have a huge impact on capital for any company that must deal with inventory. Artificial Intelligence can cross-reference items in any given data set with trends in the data to automatically determine the correct inventory amount a company will need to have on hand. MindsDB’s powerful platform takes advantage of these AI capabilities to provide you with a robust tool that takes the guesswork out of determining product demand.

Loan Recovery

Loans can be expensive. Loan recovery can be even more so. Banks and financial institutions need the assurance to guarantee that the loans that they provide will be paid back in time. Machine learning models allow these institutions to streamline the loan recovery process. MindsDB uses these models to identify at-risk customers, predict loan recovery dates, and organize debt collection efforts.

Patient Health Outcomes

When it comes to healthcare, time is of the essence. Using predictive modeling, AI helps healthcare providers monitor patient data to identify patients at risk for adverse events. MindsDB uses machine learning to empower healthcare organizations to predict patient health outcomes before they occur.

Predictive Maintenance

Unplanned downtime can be disastrous to any organization. Prevention is an option. With Predictive Maintenance, organizations can be proactive by determining precisely when equipment should be taken offline for maintenance. MindsDB uses machine learning to help companies minimize equipment failure, reduce errors and lessen unplanned downtime.

Product Personalization

Today’s customers expect highly customized experiences from retailers and e-commerce providers. To provide such an experience, companies needs to understand customer behavior. Machine learning algorithms allow a company to look at past purchasing behavior to understand and predict individual customer preferences. MindsDB expands upon this capability by taking historical data on sales and traffic to help you put together a complete story of who your customers are. Use this information to provide your customers with a personalized experience they’ll respond to.

Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance is no stranger to automation. However, artificial intelligence helps take QA’s affinity for automation to the next level by focusing on continued testing. A tool like MindsDB makes it so that you can reduce test coverage overlaps, increase predictability in testing, and both detect and prevent defects.

Retention Management

Finding and training quality employees is such a tiring task for many HR teams that once they have an employee in the door, the goal is to keep them there. AI enables human resources departments to get a complete view of employee behavior that they can use to make predictions on how employees will behave. Using AI, MindsDB enables HR teams to increase employee job satisfaction to help retain them. Understand what motivates your employees to reduce turnover.