Turn Data Into Business Predictions By Adding Machine Learning Capabilities To Your Database.

MindsDB is an AI layer for existing databases that allows you to effortlessly and cost-effective develop, train and deploy state-of-the-art machine learning models using standard queries to get accurate business predictions.

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How it works?

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The AutoML models of MindsDB work on various tabular data such as numbers, categories, dates/timestamps, text (including lengthy text, e.g., articles), and images.  Speed the time to production with the full support offered by our ML Engineers that will guide you throughout the process, from use case definition to model development.



MindsDB provides all the data you need to understand the predictions. Use our User Interface to interpret predictions made by the model. We deliver the forecasts accompanied by a score indicating how much confidence you can have in the model.

AI Tables

AI Tables Bring state-of-the-art machine learning where the data lives: databases. You can train the model in the database, and get the predictions as a table in your existing database. AI Tables empower your database with Machine Learning capabilities using just a few SQL queries.


Machine Learning implementation is a few clicks, a simple line of code or a few standard SQL queries away. Moreover, MindsDB AutoML function provides you with the flexibility you need, and you can bring your models for your specific use case regardless of the framework.

Use cases

  • Predict customer demand
  • Optimize product distribution, promotions, and pricing
  • Predict likelihood of fraud
  • Predict purchasing value, volume, and frequency
  • Estimate lead conversion probability and churn likelihood
  • Forecast asset, device, and equipment breakdowns

Enterprise Premium Support
for building and deploying Machine Learning Models on structured data.

Included in the Premium Support offering

  • Custom setup of MindsDB for your specific use case, databases, and cloud providers
  • Custom tuning to make MindsDB work better for your specific datasets and type of data
  • Data and use case evaluation by our expert ML researchers
  • Support for orchestrating your training and predicting pipelines and infrastructure
  • MindsDB product training session with our ML engineering team
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