What’s New: MindsDB September 2020 Product Updates and Community Shoutouts

Zoran Pandovski

Check out the latest updates from MindsDB in September

We work really hard to make sure MindsDB is constantly improving. Read on to explore all of the new features and improvements we did throughout September.

New features

  • MindsDB Graphical User Interface (MindsDB Scout) can now be accessible on the web. By starting MindsDB server you have the Explainability features available through your browser.
  • AI Tables connected to MySQL, MariaDB and ClickHouse databases can be created through our graphical user interface.
  • MindsDB supports MongoDB wire protocol so you can connect to MindsDB using a MongoDB client.
  • You can bring your own model in MindsDB by inheriting the MindsDB model interface.
  • Lightwood has a new common mixers interface.
  • Predictor.learn() method now accepts DataSources as parameters.
  • New versioned storage so different MindsDB versions can have different versioned entities (models, datasources).
  • Using configuration, users can choose the default MindsDB server as Gunicorn, Waitress or Flask (Werkzeug).
  • New Timeseries interface in Lightwood.


  • Improvements to time series encoder when transforming ts-string to an array and added normalization.
  • Improvements in encoding in DateTime encoder.
  • Improvements around look and feel in MindsDB Scout.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug with conformal predictors.
  • Fixed issue with converting floats to integers.
  • Fixed Unexpected keyword argument ‘selfaware’ issue.
  • Fixed custom configuration path issue.
  • Fixed Windows installation issues.
  • Fixed CORS issues.

MindsDB Shoutouts

We want to say a big Thank you to our community that spent the last days of the summer using and contributing to MindsDB. Also, big thanks to the users that are reporting issues and are making a MindsDB a better product:

Author Bio

Zoran is a full stack developer based in Macedonia. He works as MindsDB's senior full stack developer and works on everything from building and managing the website to supporting the open source product to working with users on their support questions.

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