What's New: MindsDB June 2020 Product Updates and Community Shoutouts

Zoran Pandovski

Check out what we've been up to in June and we say a big thankyou to our community!

It’s almost the start of the summer so there is no better time to announce the feature that we are really excited about: Bear in Mind, ML models as tables.


Now you can do Machine Learning straight from your databases. It will be as simple as getting the predictions using normal SQL queries. The new MindsDB 2.0 version will provide

These new features will help you to publish the Machine Learning models to databases, and train the models directly from the data that is inside ClickHouse or MariaDB. Stay tuned for the additional resources and tutorials related to the MindsDB 2.0 release. 

With all of the new cool features and integrations with the databases coming out in MindsDB, we have created the MindsDB Native that will contain only the native Python module for AutoML. Other than that we were working on:

  • New MindsDB installers for Linux, Mac OS, and Windows
  • Improvements in the current CI/CD infrastructure and the automation of unit and integration tests.
  • Bug fixes as zero division, empty column, unsupported file type, and casting data frame columns errors.

Want to check out the new features? Head over to our GitHub mindsdb_native and mindsdb repositories.

MindsDB Scout

Visit our product page and check out the new feature in MindsDB Scout v1.1.1.

  • New Datasource Quality interface that displays additional useful statistics for data as features(columns) types, warnings, unique counts, outliers, biases and missing values.
  • Major changes to the visualizations around Scout that now provide a new rich set of data visualizations built on top of the awesome Nivo library.
  • New Scout dark mode.
  • Bug fixes related to the responsiveness of the Scout on smaller screens.

MindsDB JavaScript SDK

The latest version available on npm of MindsDB JavaScript SDK is 0.3.11. It contains the new interface for datasource/analyze and minor bug fix for `/predictors` endpoint.

MindsDB Education

If you are interested in the basic concepts and terminology used in Machine Learning or you want to use MindsDB to solve a problem, you can still join our free online course Machine Learning Basics Using Mindsdb.

MindsDB Enterprise

Do you need to automate your enterprise workflows? Check out mdb.ai for more information and benefits of going Pro.

MindsDB Shoutouts

We are delighted to announce the start of monthly MindsDB Shoutouts to our awesome community members. We love receiving your contributions, hearing your opinions and we want to thank you! No matter how big or small all of our community contributions are so welcome!

Special thanks to:

And, many others that reach out to us throughout the chat and email. You rock  ❤✩ت !

So those are all of the cool things that we have been working on! If you want to stay up to date with the new things around MindsDB or you want to help us?

Author Bio

Zoran is a full stack developer based in Macedonia. He works as MindsDB's senior full stack developer and works on everything from building and managing the website to supporting the open source product to working with users on their support questions.

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